Customer Reviews of Tiller Finance Spreadsheets

What our customers say about Tiller

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Derek Olsen

I think I’m in love. I’ve tried a bunch of other programs but they were all too restrictive. Tiller is like a better version of the Google Sheet I created myself and I don’t have to hand input each transaction at the end of them month! Also, Tiller purposefully doesn’t auto-categorize because categorizing by hand creates awareness (and is quick). I hated how other programs auto-categorize because it never worked right. Tiller is the perfect balance for me. Awesome.

Mike Henderson

“I have tried every financial tool (Mint, YNAB, Budget Simple), but none of them have done what I want. I use Sheets to do all of my financial planning, and this has tied everything together for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing this. I love the service you guys offer. It’s phenomenal.

Ben M.

“For years, I’ve thought about how great it would be if someone could create a link between financial institutions (via Yodlee) and Google Sheets. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I finally found your site. I’ve used Mint (terrible), Quicken for Mac (decent but clunky), YNAB (too limiting for complex finances), and my own spreadsheets with lots of manual inputs.”

Steve Senst

“I love Tiller. It has replaced my massive spreadsheet that tracked 3 years. The 5 minute daily activity of checking and updating has replaced the hour long process after the month to see where we ended. I have been telling everyone I know about Tiller, hoping they join and see how great it is.”

Jed Bickford

I love the ability to develop my own formulas and workflows around my own way of looking at my finances.”

Jacob Laginess

“I mostly use Tiller to automate the aggregation of transactions from various accounts. I like having this done in a spreadsheet that I can then use to fill in my own tracking spreadsheet automatically. It automates something I had to do manually before and allows me the flexibility to do what I want with the data.”

Leticia Justice

“Tiller is great. Tiller’s user friendly platform allows me to share spending trends with my not so budget savvy spouse.”

Kevin Brownwell

“I had working systems with YNAB, mint, and quicken in the past. Half my time was spent struggling making the tool do what I wanted it to. Tiller lets me just do whatever I want, with the convenience of auto import. It’s simple and Google Sheets is accessible everywhere.”

Matt Bergmann

Best. Solution. Ever. Gave me the benefit of having all my tracking and budgeting in one place, and the freedom to tweak until it met my needs. I was able to combine all my spreadsheets into one that is automatically updated by Tiller. It’s what I’ve been waiting for! I love the fact that it uses a spreadsheet, is in Google Drive and that it updates automatically. Oh, and the price is great.

Will Owens

“Easy adoption! Super intuitive! I recommend to friends constantly. I LOVE the category report where I can look at how much I have purchased in a category as well as all the individual purchases associated with that category.”

Tres Clements

I am a huge fan of Tiller. I used to be a fan of mint but as life got more complicated it really did not meet my needs and just turned into a mess. I went actively looking for exactly what Tiller does and found nothing… Later I found you through your Google Sheets add-on and was stoked. Thanks again for a great product. I hope you end up kicking ass so I can keep using the product for many years.” 

Andy Williams

“Provides a very efficient way to link to your finances and enables me to analyze my transactions more and in detail. Ensures that I can track and check my transactions daily without logging into my bank. It does the job very efficiently and without too much set-up. Also integrates into Google Sheets which is an added advantage.”

Brian Graybow

Love the pivot table functions and being able to trend spending.”